Lands of Tuscany: the Serchio Valley

“Between the wild and bristling peaks of the Apuan Alps and the soft forms of
the Apennines lies a valley watered by a river, the Serchio, that is impetuous and
playful at its source, placid and meandering in its journey towards the sea”.

Published by PubliEd

Photographs by Alessandro Puccinelli

Text by Gilberto Bedini

Edited by Alessandro Stefani

Graphic Design by FullSix

Printed by Tommasi

Produced by Il Ciocco

Length: 200 pages


Alessandro Puccinelli
I was born in 1969 and my earliest professional experience dates back to 1993 when I moved to Australia, where I worked within the
framework of advertising photography. In 2001, my first work “Quotidiano” won the Polaroid International Awards. Since then I have decided
to focus on the Ocean as the main subject of my work, using a more “loose and free” style. The Sea and its Waves, described by Jack
London as “the knights of the infinite sea army” bear simplicity, elegance, power and freedom. I have found again these virtues by walking
in the woods of these mountains during the making of this book.
Awards, Shows and Books
2001 Polaroid International awards, 1st prize In Europe
2001 Published Vino Italiano, Random House nyc
2002 Published “L’Anima del Vino” by Sapori della Toscana
2005 Show in Sao Paulo Brazil
2007 Black and White Spider Awards, 3rd Place in Fine arts
2008 Black and White Spider Awards, Honorable Mention in Still Lifes
2009 Sony World Photography Awards, Shortlisted in Fine Art-Landscape
2009 Collective at Crane Kalman Gallery, Brighton England
2010 Black and White Spider Awards, Honorable Mention
2010 IPA Awards, Honorable Mention
2010 Environmental Photographer of the year, 2nd Place
2011 Sony World Photography Awards, Shortlisted in two categories
2011 Collective at Iris Gallery, Boston
2011 IPA Awards, Honorable Mention in Fine Art-Landsdcape
Gilberto Bedini
An architect and town planner, he works as consultant and project designer for both public and private clients. He has collaborated with
the Soprintendenza ai Monumenti di Pisa in cataloguing the villas in the hills around Lucca. He is a member of the Istituto Nazionale di
Urbanistica (1975), and of the Accademia Lucchese di Scienze Lettere e Arti (2012). His research has concentrated on the formal organisation
of the territory and its patterns of settlement in ancient times.
He has written many books and articles on the history, urban iconography and landscape of Lucca and the Garfagnana,
1971 and 1997 Lucca spazio e tempo dall’Ottocento ad oggi
1981 Le corti e il paesaggio della piana di Lucca
1987 Il paesaggio in villa
1998 Lucca iconografia della città
2003 Le ville di Lucca
2004 Nel paesaggio dell’olio e del vino
2003 and 2008 Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, i suoi paesi le sue terre
2006 L’acqua del Serchio, paesaggio naturale e paesaggio tecnologico
2009 Andar per ville
2010 Il paesaggio agricolo delle colline di Capannori

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